Monday, August 8, 2011


Me: Sitting at Yolo's [a restaurant in Vegas that Malison and her boyfriend love]; expecting big things.

Malison: Yum. I'm so jealous. Did you get the guacamole? They make it at the table.

Me: That's why I'm here. I haven't gotten my food yet...though I did get this very yummy tequila-y drink.

There is a passage of time here. Long enough to, say, finish a drink...

Me: I ordered a second tequila-y drink and it's MUCH stronger than the first. You should expect my texts to become more slurred.

Malison: Yikes! Are you alone?

Me: Yep...well, alone with thousands of people.

Malison: Any hot ones?

Me: I don't know.... Every time I see a hot boy I think he's a gambler and probably owes money to someone who's going to break his legs. I'm terribly judgmental apparently.

Malison: Tequila does that.

Me: This was before the tequila; I'm sure I'll be much less discerning now.

Malison: Tequila means cuter boys and better vocabulary. It's win-win.


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