Tuesday, January 19, 2010


People in my life seem to fall into three groups:

There's the "supportive group." These are the people that have no reservations that I'm doing the right thing. They are so happy I'm quitting the job that is slowly picking away at me piece by piece until I become just a warm body with no personality. Their eyes shine when they talk about what a positive move this is. They are behind me 100 per cent.

There's the "supportive, but...group." They want to be supportive; they're trying to be supportive, but what am I going to do for money? But, what am I going to do about benefits? But, what if it doesn't work out? But, what if I'm making the wrong decision? (Is it wrong that I actually fall into this group?)

And finally, there's the "are you crazy group." These are the people that can't believe that I would take a secure, although, mind-numbing job and throw it down the drain. Especially when we're in a recession! Are you crazy? Do you know what a bad idea this is?

Which group do you belong to?

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